Google Glass: It Does the Dating for You

Yesterday in class, Professor Robinson showed us a video and I have not stopped thinking about it. The video features Google Glass, and a woman using it to immediately “size up” her potential dating pool.

While wearing her Google Glass, this woman is able to walk by men in a coffee shop and she is immediately linked to said man’s Facebook account. She’s given the man’s name, age and job title. In addition, she’s told how many mutual friends they have on the social media site. Then, her Google Glass tells her whether or not she’ll be compatible with said individual. I suggest you watch the video for yourself….

So, my question is, would you wear these glasses? Would you let Google Glass do a compatibility test for you (assuming it was 100% accurate) to take the guess work out of dating?

I’m scared that some people would.

In a world where face-to-face communication is already lacking, I worry when technology like this actually becomes available. I worry that the art of conversation will cease to exist, and that we will no longer be able to communicate on a natural level.

I worry about the loss of people’s lives. No, I don’t think this technology will kill people, but I do worry about the loss of people’s social lives. What will life become if we put all our faith in technology and no longer rely on ourselves to do anything?

It’s a scary thought, but with virtual reality becoming more readily available, I’m afraid this could happen sooner than we think. I, for one, will never trust a pair of glasses to find my soul mate, or even find me a best friend. That’s what socializing is for (and trust me, I could talk to a wall).

And while this video was just an April Fools Joke, I can’t help but shudder at the thought that this could be the future of dating…

Filtering Your Facebook Feed

In my Current Issues in Mass Communication class, there has been a lot of talk about social media because, of course, it is a major source of the world’s mass communication! We’ve talked about everything from Pinterest to Instagram, and we’ve also talked about Facebook, and how it may be on the decline.

I tend to agree with this. Facebook is probably my least favorite social media site (even though I check it constantly – ugh) because it tends to be so redundant. My favorite feature of Facebook is the ability to add photos (and to look at other people’s photos), but now we have Instagram and honestly I’d rather see one nicely filtered photo than a bunch of pictures of the same thing in a Facebook album any day.

Facebook just gets old. I mean, you run through your news feed every day and see the same people posting and the same people adding pictures and it’s just so darn annoying. It’s getting even worse as I get older.

Now, I see people my age (I’m 21) getting engaged and having kids and posting about it and it I see people posting about their amazing travels and I immediately have severe FOMO and have to remind myself that one day (after I make some money…) I can do cool things too!

So, with all the babies, engagement rings and wonderful landscapes filling my feed, I am overwhelmed and I am over it. Thank goodness Comediva came to the rescue. Check out this hilarious video “Facebook Fatigue” that so accurately describes many of us as we browse through Facebook.