Promoted Tweets: Love Um or Hate Um?

I don’t know what it is about promoted tweets, but I absolutely hate when they show up on my Twitter feed. I’m sorry Taco Bell, for the millionth time I am NOT interested in eating off your breakfast menu. And yes, Chex Cereal, I know that puppy chow (or as you call it “Muddy Buddies”) are delicious, but I do not need you all up in my Twitter feed reminding me of that. Hello companies, there’s a reason I don’t follow you.


If you agree with me then you’re not going to like what I have to say next. Turns out Twitter is now allowing certain “high-profile” users to promote their own tweets for free. These tweets will be “pinned” to the top of the user’s feed, and won’t be subject to a time limit, it will merely be labeled as “Promoted” and appear on the top of their page. And while this feature is only available online (not in the app), I am bothered by it. 

I just don’t understand why people should be allowed to promote their tweets. I don’t understand the point of it, I mean people either actively follow you or they don’t – and if they don’t, they probably don’t care.

Us regular folk can pay to promote our own tweets, but I just don’t see the value. Am I alone in this sentiment?