How Badly Do You Want the Job?

As a senior in college, I am facing a lot of uncertainty as I look ahead to my future. While I (luckily) have a job lined up for next year, I have no idea what city I’ll be living in and what exactly I’ll be doing on a daily basis. Kinda scary, huh?

And this sentiment isn’t just mine alone. I see confusion in the face of my best friends and my classmates, all of us wondering what exactly happens after May 11th. Where are we going? What will we be doing? And one of the major questions (and stressors) for a great deal of people graduating is whether they’ll even have a job post-graduation.

So, how far would you go to get the job you really wanted? Would you have a carrier pigeon send your résumé to a company you’d like to work at? Would you buy out a billboard saying that you’re seeking employment? Would you promote yourself on a personal website? If you think these questions are ludicrous because no one in their right mind would do such a thing…think again.


While gimmicks to get jobs became common during the recession, these ploys have held on in the job market, where companies receive an average of 383 applications for every job opening they advertise. What makes applying for jobs even more difficult is that companies scan applicants’ résumés using a host of softwares that scan the documents for keywords and phrases, automatically discounting applicants who may just be missing the right word.

So, how does one get around this software? How does one stand out in this increasingly tough job market? Apparently, quirkiness is the answer. Whether it’s sending a YouTube video describing why you’d be the perfect candidate for a job or sending your application via a “message in a bottle,” companies, as of late, have seen it all.

So, the question begs itself, how far would you go to get the job of your dreams?