Uplift Monday: Texas Neighbors Trick or Treat for 14-Year-Old’s New Heart

anna king
Photo via http://gma.yahoo.com/photos/texas-neighbors-trick-or-treat-for-14-year-old-s-new-heart-photo-1383240566718.html

Halloween is such a fun holiday, particularly for children, as it allows people to let their imaginations run wild (and it’s an excuse to eat tons of candy). While Halloween at twenty-one has certainly lost some of the childhood charm, I was so pleased to read this article from Good Morning America about a Texas Neighborhood Trick or Treating to Save a 14-Year-Old’s Life.

Anna King, 14-years-old, from the Woodlands, Texas, was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy in 2012, which has left her heart swollen and unable to pump properly, inhibiting her from attending school and participating in typical teen activities. Anna has been waiting for a heart transplant for 538 days, for far too long.

A local mortgage broker, Jason Higham, learned of Anna’s condition, and he decided to step up to the plate and make a difference. He arranged an event, “Halloween for a Heart,” held last Thursday in the Woodlands, to raise money to help with Anna’s medical bills. He set up an online fundraising page (DONATE HERE), which at the time of GMA’s original article had raised over $10,000. Additionally, the town held a costume contest, a silent auction and a special trick-or-treating event with the specific purpose of raising money for Anna’s care and treatment.

Anna is said to have a positive attitude about her illness, and her optimism is clearly contagious, and it has inspired her community to rally around her.

So on this Monday, while I complain about a dull headache and having a day full of glasses, everything is put into perspective when hearing this story about Anna King, a young girl facing a difficult battle with a smile on her face. Keep smiling this week, my friends!


Happy Monday!

Uplift Monday: J.J. Watt’s Remarkable Friendship


Monday Blues are a real thing. They really are. There is nothing more dreaded than knowing that the weekend is coming to an end and that it’s back to the grind. Mondays are dreaded by almost everyone (I mean just look at that eCard), but they are a sad reality.

That’s why I’ve decided to start what will (hopefully) become a weekly post called Uplift Monday. I will share an uplifting story or video that will get your week started on the right foot.

For my first Uplift Monday post, I’m sharing this amazing video from ESPN: J.J. Watt’s Remarkable Friendship

This 295-pound defensive end for the Houston Texans is nothing short of inspiring; his character is, as ESPN says, remarkable. He gives of his time (which I doubt as an NFL player he has much free) to take care of these kids and to look out for them. He has brought back joy to these children’s lives after so much was taken from them, and he is a hero to be admired.

There is nothing more special than giving of yourself to help others. While sometimes we may not all recognize that we have things to offer to the world, just remember that you do. Even the smallest acts of kindness do not go unnoticed – a simple smile, a hug, a compliment. No matter how big or how small your giving ability, remember to give to those in need. Albert Einstein put it best, “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

Have a great week!