Email, I Love You.

People can hate on email all they want, but I would just like to proudly proclaim how grateful I am for email. Sure, it hasn’t really seen much change since its birth and since the days of dial-up AOL accounts, but it still serves the same wonderful purpose it set out to – to allow instant communication.

Why am I announcing my love for email today? Well, I just had an overwhelming desire to thank the electronic mail for all it’s done for me as of late.


Since accepting my full-time, post-graduate job with Comcast/NBCUniversal in August 2013, email has been my primary source of communication with my soon-to-be manager. It has allowed me to learn of my start date, my job description/responsibilities, my official location assignment and so much more. It has allowed me to get to know my manager better, before I start working with him in July. It has allowed me to get in touch with the man who is currently working in the position that I will be entering into. And, it has allowed me to do all this in a relatively short time frame.

I can quickly send detailed messages, much more detailed than I could via text message, to these individuals. I am able to be more verbose in my messages than I would be via text message.

Additionally, it is more convenient than say, talking on the phone, because each party on the end of the communication is able to reply to emails whenever they have the time. Rather than playing phone tag, we simply email when we can and wait patiently for replies.

Another convenience factor? Unlike a phone call, emailĀ keeps record of the messages sent, and easily allows you to search and sort through your messages to find the ones you are looking for. It is a permanent log of your conversations, which is so useful, specifically for business purposes.

In my opinion, email is not outdated and is still relevant. Sure, maybe someone will come along and makeĀ it a bit “cooler” or “sexier,” but I don’t think email will ever lose its purpose. We need email. We need to be able to communicate on the fly, and to have record of it. And while text messaging allows for quick communication, it doesn’t quite allow you to be as wordy as email, and it lacks the same professionalism that email has. It also is much harder to go back and wade through old texts as opposed to searching your inbox for old email messages.

So, email, thanks for allowing me to feel more settled and excited about moving to NYC in July where I’ll be working in the Financial Reporting Department at NBCUniversal. And thank you for your years of hard work, I feel we’ve only grown closer with time.