Friendship is the Best Ship.

This year, and more specifically, since I turned 25 in August (*gasp*), I have found myself reflecting quite a bit more on my life, and the things for which I am most grateful. Perhaps this is what comes with old age, right?

2017 brought a lot of change for the world, most of which I found to be quite negative. Not all, but most (hello, politics). And while I could spend an entire year talking about that, I will refrain here (in person, though, I can’t promise the same). 2017 also brought a lot of change for me personally. And, while at the time some of it felt “not-so-positive,” I’m learning to find the good in all of it, and seeing how it’s all allowed me to grow and learn and come more into my own.

As we are gearing up for Christmas and a whole new year (how?!), I can’t help but want to savor this holiday spirit with each passing second. While I should’ve written this post a week ago, perhaps on Thanksgiving, here I am on my own timeline just giving thanks a few weeks late. Oops. Oh well.

This season of life, I feel an overwhelming need to express my gratitude for my friends. If you know me, you know how much I love my family, as I share photos and scenes from my family life quite often, but I think I less frequently call out the wonderful people in my life who might as well be family.

I feel so grateful to have friends from all stages of my life, spanning from elementary school all the way into my life as a working woman, both in the Northeast and here in Charlotte. For this, I am thankful.


I am thankful for the friends who know me well enough to know every single one of my quirks, and love me still. They know that when they invite me over for a movie and wine night, that they are also inviting me over for a sleepover, as I will inevitably fall asleep on the couch halfway through. At least now I remember to come prepared with a contact case and phone charger.


I am thankful for friends who make months of inconsistent texting and talking on the phone seem like nothing, because we pick up right where we left off the next time we talk or see one another (sorry I suck with my phone sometimes…aka a lot of times).


I am thankful for friends who are quite literally family, and who will put me in my place when necessary as a result.


I am thankful for friends who making driving and flying hundreds, even thousands, of miles so worthwhile and so, so fun.


I am thankful for friends, who although no longer with us physically on this Earth, are present in my life daily, and constantly remind me to enjoy and savor every single second of this messy, imperfect, beautiful, only life we are given.


I am thankful for “work friends” who are real friends that I want to hang out with outside of the office.


I am thankful for friends who allow me to open up about things I am struggling with, offering an ear to listen and a sense of peace and comfort for me. Whether I vent and we chat for hours nonstop to come to a solution or we drop it to distract ourselves, their presence and support is immeasurable.

I am thankful, thankful, thankful for all of the people I have in my life that make this crazy journey so much more enjoyable. I dedicate this post to each and every single one of you, because I know I don’t say it enough in person. Dare I say, you complete me?

This holiday season, I encourage all of you to relish in the moments with people you love. Life just wouldn’t be the same without them.


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