Finding Passion…and Living It

This morning I came across a Huffington Post article titled “6 Ways to Find Your Passion and Live Your Purpose,” which I thought was so timely considering what I have been deliberating in my mind about my quarter-life crisis and going after what I love.

There list of 6 includes the following:

  1. List what you love and connect the dots.
  2. Identify what you do with ease.
  3. Look at your past.
  4. Play like a child.
  5. Do what makes you happy…all of it.
  6. Ask others for help.

All 6 items on these list stood out to me, and when you read the article the explanations for each truly make a well-rounded argument for how these items can help you find your passion. Yet, still, I find myself baffled. How can 6 things that seem so simple make such a big impact?


I think the problem, for me at least, when I read these types of lists is that I automatically assume these are things I am already doing. Of course it’s easy to say that you truly know what it is you love in life and that you try to focus on what makes you happy and do these things. However, how fully are you really embracing this kind of lifestyle?

There are so many things I love to do – travel, eat, write, explore – that I don’t do enough (well, besides eat). And, if I do them, I don’t necessarily allow myself to “live” them. This lies hand-in-hand with my risk-averse personality. I am scared. I am scared to go after what I love, and I think that is because there are so many things I love that seem so “basic” that it is hard to imagine making a life out of these passions. As in, how could I ever get a job doing any of these things?

I want to make a difference in this world, and I think that if every person were to embrace and live their passions, the world would be a better place. We are all so unique and bring such a different perspective to the world, if we were to harness these passions and live them, just think of how bright and beautiful this earth would be.

That said, I love this short and sweet list, but it makes me wonder what more there is to do to find and live your passion. If you have suggestions, let me know, because I am still chasing after mine.



One thought on “Finding Passion…and Living It

  1. I’d add these, even as they may be off point:
    * Smile at others. That simple act may not bring job to you, but it will fill others with joy and karma is a good thing.
    * Learn new stuff in areas you’re interested in. Who knows what you’ll discover. Perhaps you’ll discover a new innovation!
    * Dream and fantasize. About yourself. About the world. About whatever. You may visualize a better way to do things. The world is about energy, and this is you drawing energy into yourself.
    * Stay connected. You now have friends and family all over the country…the world, maybe. Give them energy when they’re down and draw energy and love from them when you’re down. (You know how important I think networks are. They aren’t just for getting jobs or getting information. They are for personal, human connection. That’s what it’s about.)

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