Turning the Page

A bad workman blames his tools, right? Well, sorry to say it but this working woman is going to blame her tools. I don’t have a functioning computer which has led me to ignore my blogging and go about my New York life without updating my blog in AGES. It makes me sad, though, especially as my time in the City That Never Sleeps comes to an end.

                         Midtown Sunset

Comes to an end?! What?!

On July 1st, I will officially be a resident of the City of Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love.

I can hardly believe how quickly a year has passed. It seems like it was just July 3rd, 2014 and I was moving myself into my Manhattan apartment and then POOF, I blinked and now I have two weeks left in this city. How in the world did that happen?!

It’s true, though, that with each passing year time seems to go faster. And I hate it.

     God Bless America

This year was a whirlwind. At first I was confused and alone, and I felt like a small fish in a pond that was far too big. But, as the months passed, I came to find a place for myself in this city of millions. I found friends and things I enjoyed doing, and suddenly I can’t imagine leaving this place.

While I admit I would never live in New York long term (too far from family, too busy to raise a family, TOO EXPENSIVE, etc.), I can’t imagine leaving quite yet. I feel I still have people’s company to enjoy and things to still explore (and fun food to still try). It truly is bittersweet.

Brooklyn Bridge Walks

While there is much to look forward to in Philadelphia (hello brand new apartment!), there is a lot to be missed about NYC. If you would have asked me a few years ago if I thought I would ever live in New York City, my guess would’ve been no. But, now that I’ve done it, I can’t imagine this past year any differently. I’ve learned a lot about myself and my strength, and I have grown empowered living in this city. I am excited for this new chapter, but it certainly is hard to turn the page on this one. But, like they say, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere…

Bushman in the Big Apple
Central Park Sailboats
Gal Pals
City Slicker
Lobster Benedict at Hotel Chantelle
Parents Visit!
Rink Bar at the Rockefeller Center
Frozen Marg O’Clock

Time to enjoy these last couple weeks! XOXO.


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