Back, Back in the New York Groove

Hello-Im-backSo you thought I was dead, didn’t you?! I mean I know you’ve woken up countless times in the 6 MONTHS since I last blogged in a cold sweat thinking to yourself, “that Katherine girl, I mean she must not be alive.” I am here to inform you that your anxiety was falsely based, and I am, indeed, very much alive.

You’re welcome.

So, why has it been HALF A YEAR since I blogged? Great question. I don’t really have an answer though…

Adjusting to life in New York City, finding a new rhythm as yopro (young professional, duh) and life in general have gotten the best of me. That, and my college computer is simply the most frustratingly slow piece of technology I have ever laid my hands on.

But, a good workWOman never blames her tools (or her circumstances), so I really don’t have an excuse. I just plan old didn’t blog. Simple as that.

In an effort, though, to be a more well-rounded individual in 2015, I think I shall pick up blogging again. I don’t know how frequently or what about necessarily, but probably just tidbits from my life in the Big Apple and such. Nothin’ fancy of course, but I’ve just missed having this outlet.

In the meantime, here are some photos of my life as of late…

Mid-Santa Con Pizza Run
NBCUniversal Holiday Party at Universal Studios Hollywood
The Christmas Tree at 30 Rock
Panthers vs. Browns with my mama!
Delivering Christmas meals with these crazy elves
New Year’s Eve celebrations at the Gansevoort Park Avenue with my best
Nick & Kat cheer on the ‘thers from Manhattan

Hope you have a happy weekend! xoxo


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