The Power of the Network

When I look back on the semester of JOMC 240, I can’t even put into words the amount of things I learned from Professor John Robinson. This class was so fascinating and rooted in discussion, and I found it so valuable to learn from my professor and my peers in such a setting.

I learned a great deal about media this semester – most importantly, I learned where we all think it is headed in the future. Media has been disrupted over the years, with new forms of media emerging to replace the old. A lot has changed with media, even since I was born, and only time will tell where things are headed. I do know, though, that media will be more advanced and much more rooted in technology as the years pass.

One thing that really stuck with me was the idea of the power of the network, and how we can utilize our online networks to spread our stories and share our information – and ultimately, make something go viral.

Social media is a powerful tool, and it can connect us to people across the globe and it can lead to a story going viral. Just like we saw with Kristin’s catfishing incidence, once a story is shared on Facebook and retweeted on Twitter, it reaches a whole new audience and garners a great deal of attention.


People will be willing to share your story or your piece of news on these networks if they feel compelled by what they see. Is it sexy? Is it emotional? Does it make people feel “in the know”? Does the story involve people (and show photos of said people)? 

Essentially, you have to share your story with the right audience if you want it to garner any attention. Once it is seen by the right people, and shared by these people, the possibilities are endless thanks to the Internet and social media. Both have changed the way stories are spread and the way people communicate.

The power of networking – it’s important in more than just the job hunt, it’s also important in making your stories known.

So, thank you John Robinson, for an amazing semester and for the lessons you bestowed on all of us. I will miss you and this class terribly, but I know we will see your lessons in action as we go forward.


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