An Ode to Technology

After reading a post by my classmate Jourdan in which she thanks technology for keeping her connected to those she loves, I can’t help but want to do the same. Technology has allowed me to maintain close relationships with loved ones, and it especially helped me when I was far from my (immediate) family and friends when I lived in Los Angeles this past summer.

I honestly can’t imagine my life without some of the technology that’s in it. What would I do without my smartphone? How would I ever make plans with people? How would I  call my mom 37 times a day? Our JOMC 240 class has had me thinking about this a lot – just what would I do without this constant communication?


I had a conversation with the parents of the children I nanny for regarding this. They are younger than my parents (sorry mom and dad), but at 40, they didn’t have cell phones in college. They told me they’d have to make plans by stopping by someone’s dorm room and writing on a whiteboard that the person had on the door. They’d write letters to friends who were far away. They called home occasionally, using a landline phone. They didn’t live in this wired, digital age where connectivity seems so vital and without it, we feel lost. I can certainly tell you that I’d feel lost without it.

With all the stressors one faces in college, it’s no surprise that this Cornell study Jourdan found indicates that communication between college students and their parents is critical. The study discusses how important this communication is for the students on an emotional level, and how the support helps them in so many ways.

I truly can’t imagine if I weren’t able to reach in my pocket, grab my phone and text my family members when I needed some quick words of motivation. I can’t imagine not being able to FaceTime my parents (and my dog) on a regular basis. I can’t imagine not being able to send an email to a friend who’s studying abroad.

There is so much that technology allows me to do as far as maintaining, and even building, relationships. So, here’s to you technology, for keeping us connected to the things and people we love most.

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