Twitter: Tag, You’re It

Is Twitter trying to reinvent itself and become the new Facebook? Based on the latest innovations in the app, the answer appears to be yes.

Twitter is now allowing its users to upload up to four photos in one tweet, allowing you to tag up to 10 friends in the photos, without using up any of your 140-characters.



The four pictures you add will appear as a collage in your timeline, and when another user clicks on one of them, they’ll be able to see the picture in full.

However, this picture feature is currently only available for iPhone users, Twitter says it plans to roll out this four picture addition to Android and soon.

The friend tagging feature, though, is available to everyone and works just like tagging on Facebook. You tag your Twitter friends in the photo and then they get a notification. If they’re not pleased with the photo, they can delete their tag just like they can on Facebook.

The default setting on this picture tagging feature is a bit funky, though. It’s set so that anyone can tag people in your photos, which could lead to some false tagging. Could be interesting.

What do you think of these changes on Twitter? I must say, I like them. I like Twitter and, in general, my favorite aspect of social media is photo sharing, so combine the two and I am pleased.

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