The Internet: A Place of Hope and Compassion

The Internet is an amazing thing. It allows us to access an infinite amount of information with the click of a button, it provides a great deal of entertainment and it has served to connect people around the world more than most people would have ever thought possible.

The Internet is a powerful tool, and sometimes I am blown away by the good it can do. Like when you find a viral video that in two and a half minutes reminds you how many amazing people there are in this world.

While I was exploring Mashable today, I came across a story about an expectant mother in Italian who has recently learned that her baby will be born with Down Syndrome. Now, not only does she have to worry about bringing a child into the world, she has the additional worry of this child’s mental health. Completely frightened, she wrote to the Italian Down Syndrome advocacy group Coor Down, asking for advice on how to best prepare herself for her child’s upbringing.

The advice she received from children with Down Syndrome and their mothers is simple, “Don’t Worry.”

Fifteen children speak on behalf of those with Down Syndrome reaffirming this mother that her child will be able to do whatever he or she pleases, and will do it exceptionally well with a mother to back him or her up. The message was touching and powerful, and served to remind me that the Internet can be a source of hope, for it allows us to access information when we are struggling to grasp a particular concept or when we are seeking advice.

Having babysat a child with Down Syndrome for many years when in high school, I could not agree more with the message of “Don’t Worry” from these children and their mothers. With support and love, people are capable of anything, no matter the disabilities they face.

So, thank you Coor Down, Mashable and Internet in general for making it possible to spread this message of hope and love. The Internet is an incredible tool that we have available to us, allowing us to easily spread joy and positivity across the globe.


2 thoughts on “The Internet: A Place of Hope and Compassion

  1. Katherine thank you so much for this post. My little sister, Brooks, has down syndrome and she truly is a gift from God. Her happiness brings happiness to everyone around her and its truly amazing how easily it spreads. Friday, which is 3/21 (3 chromosomes on the 21st.. pretty clever he?), is national down syndrome day and I plan on writing a post about my sister- hopefully I can share the message of your blog post by doing so.

    • Share away! Thanks for sharing your story! I loved this video and didn’t even think of the meaning behind 3/21 as National Down Syndrome Day but I love it! Children with Down Syndrome are always such a blessing and remind me how much happiness there is in life.

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