True Life: I am a BuzzFeed Quiz Addict

If you haven’t taken a BuzzFeed quiz, I suggest you reevaluate your life choices. BuzzFeed quizzes are the single greatest thing to happen to my life in the last 365 days.

When I got home from my travels in the Dominican Republic, I knew what I had to do – I had to take every BuzzFeed quiz I had missed out on in the last week.

I learned that if I were a “Queen of Comedy,” I’d be Tina Fey because I can find the hilarity in any awkward situation. My ideal Disney Relationship is that of Anna and Kristoff from Frozen because I’m funny and loyal. And I also learned that if I were pasta, I’d be leftover pasta spilt across rainy stairs. Not sure how I feel about that…

I love that BuzzFeed quizzes are not only entertaining, but they provide me a way to connect with my friends. We constantly compare our quiz results and see how similar (or different) we are. We analyze our quiz results to see how accurate they are to our true personalities. It provides hours of entertainment.

Not only does BuzzFeed offer me an entertaining way to get my latest news, but it allows me to find out the inner truths of myself through these quizzes…duh. Thanks, BuzzFeed for continuing to fuel this addiction.



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