Roaming via Social Media

Look who’s in town for the big game – the Travelocity Roaming Gnome! While he goes simply by “Roaming Gnome,” this little guy is taking Chapel Hill (and Durham) by storm before he attends College Game Day before the UNC vs. Duke basketball game on Saturday (GO HEELS!).

My wonderful friend, Emily Storrow, who interns at Chapel Hill Magazine, was lucky enough to interview the Gnome Handler, Andy Ives, who is fortunate enough to be able to travel the world with the Roaming Gnome.

What’s especially neat about the Roaming Gnome’s journey through Tobacco Road is that it is all be documented on social media, using his Twitter and Instagram accounts (@RoamingGnome). We can all follow the Roaming Gnome’s adventure through our beloved town, and see how he handles the biggest sports rivalry of all time this Saturday. 


So far, the Roaming Gnome has visited some quintessential Chapel Hill spots – Sutton’s Drug Store, the Old Well, Merritt’s Store & Grill, He’s Not Here and many others.

It’s beyond fun to see Chapel Hill in the spotlight on the Gnome’s popular social media accounts, and I love that it has garnered so much attention for the big game Saturday. So check out his adventures, follow him around the town and be sure to join him in cheering on the Tar Heels this weekend! Yahoo!


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