Facebook Stalking Your Facebook Stalking

Facebook stalking. Don’t act like you haven’t spent hours alone on your couch watching reality TV on Bravo while simultaneously stalking half of your high school population to see the things they are doing with their “adult” lives. We have all been there.

The scariest part, though, is that Facebook knows exactly who you’ve been stalking. Gulp.

That’s right. Just when you thought you were safe from judgement and the social media site would never know that you search the Facebook page of your old high school fling and his new girlfriend nearly 37 times a day (I speak on behalf of a friend), think again.

Um, no thanks, Facebook.

Buzzfeed (as always) enlightened me with this article that revealing that Facebook tracks all of your searches, and sadly, users can take a walk down memory lane and review these searches. Shudder.

So now, if you want to sit and watch Bravo while feeling shame and remorse and utter humiliation about Facebook stalkings past, you can.

My advice? Clear your search history. Ignore the fact that, despite only knowing your college classmates for four years, you’ve stalked them back to 2006 when they had braces and that weird haircut. Hey, ignorance is bliss sometimes.


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