Book Review: How to Win Friends and Influence People

So, I read a book. I say this with a great deal of pride as, admittedly, this doesn’t happen often outside of the summer months when I am not in school. And guess what? I liked said book! Wins all around.

I recently read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie after my friend Katy recommended the book. She thought it would fit nicely with my interest in public relations and it did! (Thanks for the recommendation, Katy!) 

Originally published in 1936, How to Win Friends and Influence People has been a best-seller for nearly eight decades. Dale Carnegie, a famous American writer and lecturer on the topics of self-improvement, public speaking, interpersonal skills and salesmanship, wrote the book. The book has served as a guide to many trying to navigate complex human relations in the business world.



While the book itself is old, the ideals it puts forth are still relevant to navigating human relations in the hectic 21st century. The book is divided into the following sections: “Fundamental Techniques in Handling People,” “Six Ways to Make People Like You,” “How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking” and “Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment.” These sections are further subdivided, outlining specific principles in detail for how to build meaningful relationships.

Now, I don’t want to go into too much detail and ruin the book for you, but I highly recommend this book to everyone and anyone. It’s perfect for my fellow college seniors about to head into the real world, but also perfect for those already in the real world – we all sometimes need a refresher on the best ways to manage our relationships!

The book is a fast read, filled with many historical examples that help the reader better understand the point Carnegie is trying to make. I give this book five gold stars and I think you should read it!


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