Google Fiber Aims at the Queen City

Recently, Google announced that it hopes to bring its Google Fiber network to Charlotte (as well as the Triangle!), which would mean big technology changes for the areas. In today’s Charlotte Observer, reporter Eric Frazier, raises a good question: Can Google Fiber turn Charlotte into a tech hub?

Sure, Charlotte has never been known as the technology hub of the South, but Frazier raises a good point, that when cities and towns are home to the latest “thing” (in the olden days this meant being on a rail line or near an interstate), these cities often thrive. And perhaps, if this mega-fast internet service is brought to Charlotte, maybe the Queen City will become a town for techies…you just never know.


Whatever does happen, Charlotte will be on the forefront of a “digital revolution” and will likely see a great deal of technology and business growth as a result of this Google Fiber implementation.

Clearly, Google sees Charlotte as a city of the future, one that is rapidly expanding and growing, with the potential to be even more influential than it already is. Charlotte businesses will likely reap the rewards of this faster internet service, if installed, and Charlotte can expect economic growth, and nationwide recognition for this growth, as a result.

While Google won’t know for sure if Charlotte has made the cut for this Fiber network until the end of the year, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding this potential plan, and what it means for the growth of our beloved city. Google, if you’re out there reading this, choose Charlotte, we want to be a part of your digital experiment, and we want the rest of the country to see our worth.


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