Is Your Smartphone Stalking You?

Everyone has their own opinion regarding smartphones. Personally, I love mine (read: I am addicted to mine) and use it for virtually everything. My parents, on the other hand, think I am too “attached” to my gadget and use their own smartphones more sparingly than I.

Whether you love them, hate them or are completely indifferent to them, your smartphone actually tells a lot about you…via your WiFi signals.


Recently, software companies have developed programs to track smartphone users as they mobilize through cities, by using data emitted on public WiFi networks. From this data, they are able to create profiles on various consumers that, while they don’t include a consumer’s name, tell a great deal about a person.

These signals can track where you work and eat, where you shop and exercise and so much more. While they claim to keep consumers anonymous, it’s hard to believe when so much of your lifestyle is being swept up by this data.

From the data, people are being clumped into lifestyle categories. For example, the software can monitor how often a person visits a yoga studio and thereby classify them as a casual, intermediate or heavy yogi.

So, while your name remains unknown to these companies, much more is known, begging the question–how do you feel about your smartphone knowing so much about you?

If you feel insecure about companies tracking you, here are methods to opt out of location tracking.

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