Fall Break in Clemson

Death Valley!

This past weekend, I headed down to Clemson, South Carolina for my fall break. While the Tigers took a beating from the Seminoles, overall it was a fabulous weekend spent with my wonderful family and friends.

On Friday morning, my boyfriend Aakash and I headed to Charlotte where we met up with my oldest sister, Kelley, and her boyfriend Matt. The four of us then hit the road for our final destination – Clemson!

On the way, we stopped in Greer, South Carolina to see my sister, Megan, and her fiance, Rusty, and their new home. It is absolutely breathtaking! I am very proud of the two of them, and excited to see what the future has in store for them.

Megan and Rusty’s new house!

When we arrived in Clemson, we headed to my best friend Nick’s house. Nick lives in an amazing new town home complex and was kind enough to allow Aakash, Kelley, Matt and me to crash on air mattresses in his living room. After a night out at a couple bars in downtown Clemson, we went to bed and prepared ourselves for the big game day ahead.

Found Maclin at Tiger Town Tavern!

Chapel Hill tailgates pale in comparison to those at Clemson. The gang and I started tailgating at 11 a.m. for an 8 p.m. game. Talk about aggressive! We munched on tailgate food and drank (in moderation, of course) all day. The tailgate scene itself was wild. Our group had a flat screen TV and satellite so we could stay in tune with other college football games. We were one of many groups doing this in a sea of orange.

After visiting some other tailgates and seeing some friends, Aakash and I made the trek up to our seats – we were nearly at the top! After watching the Seminoles destroy  the Tigers, we headed back to Nick’s house for some rest. It was hard to leave on Sunday, but the weekend was the perfect mixture of friends, family, football and fall!

The gang’s all here.

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